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[ut_rotate_words timer=”2500″] Web Development, Web Design, Responsive Websites [/ut_rotate_words]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Read more” state=”closed”] A brands success is built on its identity, reliability and public impression. Accordingly online presence is essential via a reliable, mobile device compatible website with an exclusive design. It assists to portray integrity and information regarding the brand which increases the confidence of its existing customers as well as gain new opportunities. Keeping up with ever changing latest advanced technologies, we deliver functional websites that are informative but clutter free… also with efficient features that actually functions and are user friendly. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_fourth] [ut_one_fourth] [ut_animate_image image=”https://www.codelab.lk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/seo_blue.jpg” effect=”fadeIn” align=”center”]

[ut_rotate_words timer=”2500″] SEO, Website Ranking [/ut_rotate_words]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Read More” state=”closed”] Search Engine Optimization is a process which assists websites to become discovered and stand out amongst numerous others by optimizing their web content for search. Modern SEO methods are based on web search engine allogrithms that are targetted at providing the most unique and organic websites more visibility. While integrating SEO based on specified content, we also revise and improve it where necessary in order to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_fourth] [ut_one_fourth] [ut_animate_image image=”https://www.codelab.lk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/analytics_blue.jpg” effect=”fadeIn” align=”center”]

[ut_rotate_words timer=”2500″] Analytics, Website Performance [/ut_rotate_words]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Read More” state=”closed”] By adding Google Analytics on a website, it will track and report useful data on website traffic such as: from where, how they discovered it and their interactions. By analyzing these data we are able to evaluate its ROI for online marketing, quality of content, products in demand, social media marketing strategies etc. which helps to identify any poorly performing areas and make necessary changes for productivity. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_fourth] [ut_one_fourth_last] [ut_animate_image image=”https://www.codelab.lk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/ecommerce_blue.jpg” effect=”fadeIn” align=”center”]

[ut_rotate_words timer=”2500″] E-commerce, Online shop [/ut_rotate_words]

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Read More” state=”closed”] The key to increase online sales is by enabling customers with easy and safe online shopping experiences. Which is why we focus on providing you with the best e-commerce solutions that is thoroughly tested. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_fourth_last]


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